How to get a “Leg up” from Failure

I’ve told people before that between being a single mom and a solopreneur, I’ve made more mistakes than I care to remember!

Over time, I’ve learned that failures can provide us with a “leg up,” instead of causing us to hang our heads in shame (as I so often did!).

The problem: when a failure occurs, the typical entrepreneur focuses on what he or she did wrong. As failures continue to occur, a lot of “wrongs” stack up!

The solution: study failure instead for the lesson it’s trying to teach you. With our heads down in shame, we often miss the lesson!

Studying failure for what we did wrong adds weight to our shoulders every time we fail, for every fail indicates another area where we are flawed.

Conversely, studying failure for what lesson it’s trying to teach you gives you a leg up every single time: a new lesson, with new knowledge, to gain new ground in your business and life.

Action tip – (it’s best to do this self-study when you’re not fresh from failure)

Create 2 columns on a sheet of paper, with a vertical line in the center of the page

Make a list of past “failures” (or Learning opportunities, as I now call them!) in the left-hand column (you may want to leave a few spaces between each opportunity).

Now study each learning opportunity for the lesson that was learned – you may notice that some learning opportunities carry more than one lesson! List them all in the right-hand column, across from the corresponding opportunity.

The most powerful step EVER: Express deep gratitude for each lesson learned, recognizing that without “failure” you probably would not have gained that knowledge!

The goal of the self-study: to shift your perspective the next time you’re facing a learning opportunity, from what you did wrong to what you can learn.

We each have a Reticular Activating System within our brains, which finds whatever we focus on, so if we focus on learning, it will find those lessons for us. Conversely, if we focus on failure, then that’s what it will find for us!

This is why people say, “Be careful what you wish for,” or in this case…think about!

My offer of help: reach out to me via any of the methods below for a free hour with me, where we can study together one of your learning opportunities for what the embedded lesson is, and how you can apply it to your life to successfully move forward.


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