How can Change be Good for Me?

I had a client reach out to me the other day, because she was facing an unexpected and unwelcome change in one of the significant relationships in her life, and she was saddened by this change and didn’t know how to cope with it.

In the Blueprint Process, she and I have talked about how she has everything she needs in her Blueprint right now to fulfill her potential. This change had rattled her to the degree that she was questioning her ability to persevere.

In that instant, I was inspired by an analogy that might lead her to remember her own strength: God as a gardener, and she as a plant in His garden.

I shared this vision with her, and together we explored how this could help her cope with this unexpected change, while staying on track to fulfill her life’s potential:

God as a Gardener:

God handpicks the plants that are going to fill His garden. He is so convicted about the potential of each plant, that He makes sure they have everything they need to prosper: he removes weeds and makes sure they have enough sunlight and water.

After sharing this vision, she said, “Well, doesn’t this negative change in my life count as a weed?? Why hasn’t He removed it??”

I totally get this line of thinking – I have often asked the same question…if God loves us, why do bad things happen to us?

It reminds me of the difference between a store-bought vegetable and a garden grown vegetable: the store bought one can often taste like cardboard and look as if it’s been spray painted, whereas the garden grown vegetable is rich in flavor and color.

Why is that? The store-bought one was most likely grown in a green house, within an artificial environment. It might be climate-controlled and bug-free, but it’s lacking natural sunlight, rain and air.

If we were grown in a climate-controlled, “perfect” environment, we might be blemish-free, but we wouldn’t have the strength, color and richness of produce that is grown in the natural elements.

Action tip: Make a list of “bad” changes in your life. Next to each item, identify the lesson learned or the door opened, because of this “weed.”

For example, as a kid I had a super low self-esteem. Although that was excruciatingly painful as a kid, it has made me a more powerful adult. Overcoming that challenge has fostered my passion for developing confidence in others. If I had grown up in a climate-controlled environment, with perfect self-esteem, where would I be without that passion? I shudder to think.

What “bad” had led to your “good?” If you’re not sure, consider reaching out to me at 541-501-7020 for a free hour to assess how your challenges have made you stronger, and thereby more valuable.


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