Gaining “Humble Confidence”

The #1 concern my clients have, when it comes to learning all their skills through the Blueprint Process, is how to maintain their humility.

Humility is great, for with it you open yourself to greater learning, however too much humility causes you to dismiss the talents you were given, for example: “Oh, that’s no big deal…I’ve always done that!”

Dismissing your talents causes you to never identify them. If you haven’t identified your talents, how can you use them to make the world a better place? How can you use them to fulfill your purpose, or your reason for being here?

My solution to this challenge is to develop what I call “Humble Confidence,” which involves a recognition that the skills you’ve been given are not your own, but are “on loan” from your Higher Power who expects you to use them, thereby gaining proficiency in them AND creating great value for others with them.

To explain this “Humble Confidence,” I have my clients do a simple drawing activity.

Action tip:

1. Grab a piece of paper (without lines preferred) and a pen or pencil

a. Draw a 1-2 story house

b. Include a lot of windows and at least 1 door

c. Add a skylight to the top of the house

d. In an upper corner of the page, draw a sun, with rays extending to the roof of the house

e. Add 10-15 people standing around your house (no worries, I use stick figures myself!)

2. Labeling:

a. Label the house, “Me”

b. Label the skylight, “My mindset”

c. Label the sun, “My Higher Power,” or whatever term you use to describe the being you believe in outside of yourself

d. Label the people outside your house, “Those I’m meant to directly impact”

Since our environment is mostly negative, we have to get to our skylight (mindset) every day to clean it, so that the sun’s rays (our Higher Power’s gift to us in the form of skills, etc.) can come shining through, with no obstruction!

Once our skylight is clean (and yes, we have to clean it every day!), we experience the flood of the sun’s rays, so on your drawing, extend all the rays into every corner of your house!

If your house is FILLED with light, what has to come out your windows and doors? TONS of beautiful light, and who does it affect? It affects you, for sure, and by extension, all those that are standing outside your house…those who are meant to receive your brightness.

This is the beauty of Humble Confidence: you recognize that your greatest talents are on loan from your Higher Power! Consequently, by identifying AND using them, you’re not being egoic, rather you are expressing humble confidence in your Higher Power. What’s more, you’re truly honoring those gifts by regifting them to those around you in fulfilling your purpose.

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