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Embracing Your Blueprint, Especially When It's Hard, with Elizabeth Hagenlocher

When you learn to embrace and share what makes you unique, you're going to draw the RIGHT people to you like a moth to a flame. However, just by having RIGHT people, you also tend to have "wrong" people.

(Now let's be clear: no one is wrong, yet your audience will not be everyone.)

These are the people who have their own unique Blueprint, yet maybe one that contradicts yours. You may even think they're weird, and vice versa. And that's okay.

Yet, when you're surrounded by people who are not avid supporters of your Blueprint, it can be incredibly hard to stick to your guns. You may be tempted to hide your light, shrink away from your unique-ness, or even conform to seem more "normal." And isn't that just a little bit soul-crushing?

You shouldn't have to shrink yourself for other people. Yet it can be so hard to shine your light when you think you'll be mocked or even shunned.

So how do you embrace all that you are when you're with someone who isn't a part of your fan club?

This week, Elizabeth shares her experience doing this very thing, and how she overcame the imposter telling her to be less than herself.


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