Does your Life Need a "Career Adjustment"?

Career Adjustments come in a variety of forms - from a complete career change, to minor adjustments within the same career. Regardless, any career adjustment should only be made once self-research is done. I have followed this pattern with my own career, and so has my sister. I just interviewed her on my "Blueprint Podcast" about her "career adjustments," which have been a few, all within the same industry. You can listen to it here:

Kim made each adjustment based on a desire to customize her career to align more completely with her values, skills and passions. The more she learned about herself, the more accurate her career adjustments became. As a side-effect, she became more convicted and passionate about the impact she wanted to make with her clients in her particular field.

As I talk about in the video, opportunities to tweak and refine your career come and go like the tide. However, if you're not looking for those opportunities, because you feel stuck in a dead-end career, you'll miss your chance. I promise that once you discover your tools, like my sister, you'll find tiny changes you can make along the way that result in a custom-designed career that fits your skills and creates an impact that you are passionate about.

Knowledge about self is the requisite foundation for any career progress, because the reason why your career feels yucky is because it doesn't allow you to be you. Taking an inventory into your tools allows us to look for opportunities within your current career to use them. The more you use these tools, the more exciting your career will be, and the more convicted you will become about the impact you're meant to make.

I'd like to help by encouraging you with some first steps. Please consider chatting with me for free by phone, so I can identify some first steps for you.

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