Do you Want an Inventory of Your Tools?

This video takes place in my dad's 35 year old barn. You can imagine how dusty, rusty and cobwebby most of the tools are - in fact, you don't have to imagine! Watch the video!

When I was a little older than the barn in 2007, I became aware of how many of my tools were in the same condition: rusty, cobwebby and dusty from lack of use. I didn't even know what half of them were!

It bothered me greatly, because you see I have this thing about pursuing potential!

So I got busy and developed the Blueprint Process by using myself as a guinea pig: I researched my own tools over a 6 month period.

This research lead me to a career that capitalizes on all my tools. I'm using them 90% of every day. My success and satisfaction is something I could have never dreamed for myself. What possibility is out there, waiting for you?

If you have a similar ache that stems from the gap between who you are, and who you believe you can be, the Blueprint Process can help you close that gap.

I ask my clients at the beginning of our work together what their BHAG is, or Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. You know what my favorite thing to do is? I ask them again when we're done taking inventory of all their tools, and the difference in the 2 BHAGs is SO inspiring.

Basically, by identifying ALL of their tools, they become crystal clear on how powerful their toolbox really is, and they set BHAGs that blow the roof off their former concept of what they were capable of - this is my dream. I wish I had time enough to teach the whole world.

Instead of wasting time studying the success habits of others, spend that same amount of time studying yourself for your own success habits - the only ones that will truly bring you success.

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I have references available from the following industries:
  • Music

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Banking

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Military

  • Police

  • IT

  • Veterinary

  • Restaurant

  • Medical

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Health/Wellness

  • Radio

  • Airline

  • Teaching

  • Coach

  • Construction

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