Being an Explorer in Business Occasions Failure

Are you often criticized for your explorer nature? You try something with your business, only to find it doesn't work, so you backtrack and try again?

Yes, many people will find that worthy of criticism, but I don't! Without your explorer nature, many of our greatest inventions would never have existed.

The explorer nature requires people who think outside of the box (the tried and true), and are willing to take risks for the sake of finding a better way!

Do you often try a new product or service, or walk into an existing business or organization and automatically ask the question, "How could this product, service, business or organization be better?" That is an explorer question. It's why Christopher Columbus sailed and why Edison invented.

The challenge to this mindset is the flack you'll receive by not "sticking with one thing," come hell or high water. Many people with linear mindsets believe that is the way to grow business, but again, without people like you, innovation would never happen. Innovation is essential to progress, growth and evolution.

So! The thing you need to worry about are not the naysayers! You need to worry about finding the right clientele, who guess what...are just like you! It's actually kind of easy, when you think about it - all you have to do is find your fan club - people who think like you do - who love innovation, cutting edge and risk. They are out there! They're just looking for an innovator to follow!

In your blogs, your advertising and social media posts make sure it's super clear that you're an explorer. This will do 2 things: it will attract those who love the same things, and it will repel those who don't!

Have fun with your explorer, groundbreaking nature! How exciting! You are forging the path for many to follow! When failure happens, as it inevitably will, know that you're one step closer to finding the "right" way! Failure is requisite for success!!

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