Are you in Career Quicksand?

I went to the lake yesterday and grabbed only half of my paddle. This left me tooling around the lake with much less speed and traction. I still had fun, mind you...but when you experience this in

your career, it gets old really fast.

I had been in a previous career for 10 years when I experienced "Career Quicksand," meaning I was disengaged with my work, and I was becoming less effective.

What I came to realize is that I was only using half of my skills; there were so many other things I could do that were shelved: either unknown or underutilized. The effect of this partial use of what I had to offer created the same effect as going to the lake with only half of my paddle: I progressed slowly, I became bored with my surroundings and I could not achieve my career goals.

Is this happening to you? I suggest you do what I had to do: take a massive inventory of your skills, and then find ways to use them in your career - it will have the same effect as going home to get the other half of your paddle and returning to the lake! You will progress quickly, the speed will re-engage you at work, and the results will inevitably follow.

The Blueprint Process is a massive inventory of your skills. If you don't have time to sit down with me and the Blueprint Process for the most thorough look at your skills, then I recommend Strengthsfinder 2.0 - a great book and quick quiz to help you find 5 of your skills.

In 2012 when Jerry Seinfeld started the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he was interviewed by ESPN's Mike and Mike. At one point, Mike Greenberg asked Jerry why he felt the need to return to show business, when his previous show Seinfeld had certainly made him enough money to be set for life! Jerry's response was awesome! He said it wasn't about the money; it's about "using what you have."

I couldn't agree more! When you "use what you have," it's like putting both paddles in the water and hitting turbo drive. Your career escalates, your heart pumps faster, and you get to make so much more of an impact, than when you use only a bit of what you have.

It doesn't only impact your career. It impacts your entire life. Your relationships will be better, your health will improve and I guarantee you'll live a more satisfied life.

Check out your free skill assessment today through the Blueprint Process! Let's talk for an hour, and I promise that you'll walk away knowing AT LEAST 5 of your skills and how to use them in your career that day!

You can schedule with me here, and thanks!

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