Kim Butler

Activating lifelong service to prevent millions of wasted lives

Bill HUghes HS.jpg

Bill Hughes

Maintaining Presence to restore the Truth


Rob Simonds

Steward the process to empower all voices to be heard

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Elizabeth Hagenlocher

Amplifying the message to eliminate barriers of entry


Tammi Brannan

I identify the Design & catalyze the Tornado to realize our Shared Purpose

julie ann.jpg

Julie Ann Hepburn

Eradicating the sense of incapability to restore humanity

mary george.jpg

Mary George

Helping others live above the line to awaken them to their relationship with God

Randy G W.JPG

Randy Wakefield

Investing in them to see who they are to help them shine their light

Mary Mastoras, Financial Advisor


Mary Mastoras

Empowering people to evolve so they can give to others infinitely

Tom-060-web (1).jpg

Tom Suvansri

Empowering people to become the best versions of themselves, so they can own their futures, and create a ripple effect to those around them and for generations to come


Seth Brannan

Empowering others to gain the confidence necessary to live the life they're meant to live

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Danielle Avery

Shining my Light to let out God's light to others

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Tony Braddock

To instill a sense of confidence in others so they take control of their lives, regardless of circumstances

Matt Sanford-Financial Remodeler.jpg

Matt Sanford

I witness people to help them grow into their Badass Selves

Ben Eagle Fam Pic.jpg

Annie Walther

I help people see their gifts and potential more clearly, so they can know God's Love and design for them to use it for others


Mike Brevik

I help others identify their true priorities, so they execute for endless possibilities


Gary Pinkerton

I teach people that they are their #1 asset to inspire them to take personal responsibility for their life


Susan Cox

Restoring people's vision of themselves to God's vision of them to initiate the ripple effect of blessing


Janet Sims

Awakening in people their possibilities in order to bring release

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Ryley Smith

Helping people remove their junk drawer to help them become the best version of themselves

Wade Borth,

Wealth Strategist

Wade-Borth professional head shot polo.j

Wade Borth

Encouraging others to use what they have and pass it along for exponential growth, contributing to God's Super Wave


Palmer Vilagi

Pushing to get the Truth to prevail, to experience Freedom

2018 Jennie.jpg

Jennie Steed

To help others be their true selves, so their Ruckus is caused


Ray Ward

I restore their sense of possibility to allow their Pneuma to come forth

Ben Taylor


Brandon Jenkins

Raise yourself; Raise your team

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Josh Taylor

I pursue creative growth to explore the journey of possibility


Ray Lowe

To inspire people to design their own lives and live them on their terms


Colton McGriff

Empowering people to consider, "Why not?" to find their own way


Joel McGriff

I believe in God's vision to open up others' creativity, to share, to expand


Ken Greene

I pursue Kaizen to elevate others

Image by Ben Sweet

Chuck McNulty

I mentor others to pursue potential


Tom Young

Help people buff and polish their scratched glasses, so they can see their vision and reach full potential in life

Image by Ben Sweet
Image by Ben Sweet

Olu Gbemigun

I empower others to trust God's vision for their lives to embrace that vision and build it with faith