Is This You...?

Who my clients are

  • People who feel like their life no longer fits them

  • Seekers who pursue progress through ongoing learning/training

  • Visioneers who see a larger vision for their lives but don't know how to implement it

  • Rebels who think in unconventional ways and get chastised for it

  • Givers who desire to create a ripple effect: where their good promotes more good

  • People who, despite challenges, believe they are more than what their circumstances suggest

  • Oh...AND those who like to have FUN


How long does the Guided Course last?

How often do we meet?

  • We meet once per week by phone, for an hour.

How did you get into this line of work?

  • Out of desperation...I found myself feeling a "misfit" with my own life, and desperately wanted to change that. I stumbled upon the steps of this process, as I slowly discovered and started living my own purpose. I'm happy to tell you the full story during our "Right-Fit Visit."

Did you create this process yourself, or do you work for someone else?

  • I created this process myself, but I feel strongly that it was through Divine guidance, as I needed the process personally, to discover and live my own purpose. I'm happy to tell you the full story during our "Right-Fit Visit."

What tools or amenities do I get with the Guided Course?

  • A 25-page Google Doc workbook, a customized 35" x 45" Blueprint and BHAG map, along with all the support you need each week via text, email, or phone.